Welcome to Exodus Spine and Pain Medicine

Our goal at the Exodus Spine and Pain Medicine Clinic is to treat each patient and his/her condition individually, to reduce painful experience and improve our patients’ daily function and quality of life. To help accomplish this goal, we employ a multi-disciplinary, multi-modality approach to pain management, including conventional treatments, alternative therapies, exercise and life style modifications. Conditions treated by our pain management providers may be caused by post-operative pain; acute injury; pain from illness/disease, such as cancer; or pain that is the condition itself, such as headaches. Treatment options may be a combination of physical therapy, nutrition, medication, as well as interventional procedures, laser therapy and counseling.

Dr. Marsh and his team work in close collaborative relationship with patients’ providers and best Treasure Valley radiologists to aid in accurate diagnosis to facilitate the most appropriate treatment plan. Interventional procedures are used for diagnostic purposes as well as treatment. The treatment involves injecting steroid and/or anesthetics at the affected tissue or nerves to interrupt the pain pathways and alleviate inflammation. When necessary, in the presence of chronic pain and loss of function and suffering, we provide cautious and appropriate medication management.

Because the Standard American Diet (“SAD”) and poor nutrition are major contributors to chronic inflammation and development of chronic disease, we bring our patients’ focus to anti-inflammatory diet and whole food supplementation.

We also recognize that one’s mental state and stress levels contribute significantly to the affects of chronic pain and we strive to coach and direct our patients to receive optimal care in our office and through our affiliates.

Independent Medical Examiners (IME)

Dr. Marsh is board certified as an Independent Medical Examiner. He performs independent medical examinations (IMEs) and provides comprehensive reports to assist patients and their attorneys in injury cases.

Worker's Compensation

Dr. Marsh treats patients with work related conditions. We work with attorneys and case management representatives to assist patients in worker’s compensation cases.

Opioid Use Disorder

Dr. Marsh is waivered under the Drug Addiction Treatment Act and Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 to treat opioid dependence treatment in an office-based setting. We offer medication-assisted treatment SUBOXONE FILM in the privacy of our office.


Dr. Marsh partners with Injury Care Research to provide excellent care for research patients.